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2017 NCMA Board of Directors

Policy control of the association is vested in the board of directors, which shall govern the association and interpret the bylaws. Each region shall have two directors serving on the board in addition to two Associate Member Division Board representatives, the elected officers of the association (chairman of the board, vice-chairman, secretary/treasurer and past chairman of the board), the chairs of the market segment committees, and up to four directors appointed at large by the chairman of the board.


Berry, Steve • Oldcastle Architectural, Inc. (II)


Waide, Kent • Ruby Concrete (III)

Past Chairman

Sauter, Pat • King’s Material (IV)


O’Connor, Rich • Taylor Concrete Products (I)

Region I

Kennedy, Jack • York Building Products Company
Fizzano, John • Fizzano Brothers

Region II

Carlson, Michael • CEMEX
Hensley, Gary • Adams, an Oldcastle Company

Region III

Goldman, Robert V. • County Materials Corporation
Hunt, Steve • Northfield, an Oldcastle Company

Region IV

Gartman, Timothy • Antique Brick & Block.
Watson, Ed • Acme Brick Company

Region V

Bonnell, Phil • Basalite Concrete Products, LLC
Echternach, David • ORCO Block Company

Region VI

Hargest, Paul • Boehmers Operating Under Hargest Blk Ltd
Poirier, Marcus • Permacon Group

AMD Board Representative

Isaacson, Richard• iwi group, L.L.C.
Mueller, Michael • TEKA North America, Inc.

Market Segment Committee Chairs

Finch, Tom • RCP Block
Miller, Brian • ProVia
Pitre, David • Pavestone

Appointed Directors

Associate: Light, Ted • ACM Chemistries

NCMA Staff Liaison

Robert D. Thomas • President