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Block machine height gauges 

Ben Franklin once stated that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I’d add that there is nothing in a block operation that is so insignificant that it would be excluded; take for instance wet side height gauges. We’ve all seen them on the manufacturing line, thin flat rectangular sheets of metal with a handle in the center with the machine operator deftly moving it around the perimeter of the machine pallet checking the cycle height. It’s a simple tool that provides a level of comfort that heights have been maintained during the wet side production. They are a quick indicator, which can be used without stopping the line. Contrary to belief, the gauges can get worn down, and the units may need to be built back up to the necessary height. Set an easy to remember time to pull all the gauges to verify that they’re reading the correct height, like when you’re having your scales calibrated or during your monthly block machine preventative maintenance routine. For more information contact NCMA Production Specialist Mike Maroney.