Segmental Retaining Walls

Get your installers certified.

Help your local SRW installers grow their business, and make sure SRW projects are
done right. Educate installers in your area through NCMA education and certification.
Become a resource and increase your exposure by sponsoring any of our three SRW
Installer education and certification courses.

The SRW basic installer course is intended for contractors new to the business and for
new employees of established installer companies who want to become NCMA certified.
Residential and Commercial Advanced Installer courses cover advanced SRW applications
and installation techniques. Their performance impacts your business.

Sponsoring and hosting a course is easy. Follow the directions below to set up your
course. NCMA staff is available to help with any aspect of course sponsorship.

This program increases an installer’s value to their customers by instilling in them SRW applications and installation techniques for advanced residential projects.

Advanced topics include: wall layout and planning, water and drainage, cut and fill walls, tiered walls, corners and curves, stairs and patios.


How to Sponsor a Course

  1. Find an NCMA authorized trainer. You can find a list of them here. Select SRW Trainer in the dropdown box.
  2. Notify NCMA of course details using the form attached to this flyer.
  3. NCMA will send confirmation, place your course on the online calendar, and send a link to order course materials. Standard shipping is free.
  4. You determine the price for the class. Course materials are $20 per student and there is a fee of $130 per graded exam, for a total cost per student of $150. You set the price to cover your expenses.
  5. The trainer teaches the class and returns all exams to NCMA.
  6. NCMA will grade the exams and notify all students of their results.
  7. NCMA will send a report to the trainer with student results and class evaluations.
  8. NCMA will invoice the sponsor/trainer for the number of exams processed.

To fill out or download the form, click here.

To check out some FAQ, click here.