Segmental Retaining Walls

Get your installers certified.

Given the COVID-19 pandemic, NCMA has created options for online delivery of the SRW Installer course. Click here for more information on these options.

Help your local SRW installers grow their business, and make sure SRW projects are done right. Educate installers in your area through NCMA education and certificate program. Become a resource and increase your exposure by sponsoring any of our three SRW Installer education and certificate courses.

The SRW basic installer course is intended for contractors new to the business and for new employees of established installer companies who want to become NCMA certified. Residential and Commercial Advanced Installer courses cover advanced SRW applications and installation techniques. Their performance impacts your business.

Sponsoring and hosting a course is easy. Follow the directions below to set up your course. NCMA staff is available to help with any aspect of course sponsorship.

This program increases an installer’s value to their customers by instilling in them SRW applications and installation techniques for advanced residential projects.

Advanced topics include: wall layout and planning, water and drainage, cut and fill walls, tiered walls, corners and curves, stairs and patios.

How to Sponsor a Course

  1. Find an NCMA authorized trainer. You can find a list of them here. Select SRW Trainer in the dropdown box.
  2. Notify NCMA of course details using the form linked on the right.
  3. NCMA will send confirmation, place your course on the online calendar, and send a link to order course materials. Standard shipping is free.
  4. You determine the price for the class. Course materials are $25 per student and there is a fee of $130 per graded exam, for a total cost per student of $155. You set the price to cover your expenses.
  5. The trainer teaches the class and returns all exams to NCMA.
  6. NCMA will grade the exams and notify all students of their results.
  7. NCMA will send a report to the trainer with student results and class evaluations.
  8. NCMA will invoice the sponsor/trainer for the number of exams processed.

To fill out or download the form, click here.


I want to organize an SRW Installer Course, how do I get started?


1. The sponsor needs an NCMA authorized trainer. If you have a trainer in house you are ready, but if you don’t you can find one here. (select SRW Trainer in the dropdown box)

2. Notify NCMA of the course details using the Notification Form at least 45 days in advance of the course date.

You will need to:

a. Decide who the contact person for the course will be. NCMA will send regular registration reports to the sponsor contact identified, if Option 2 for registration is selected. The sponsor contact (along with the instructors) is ultimately responsible for the prompt return of exams to NCMA after the course is complete.

b. Decide what type of registration you want to have and how much you will charge:

Option 1: The sponsor does the registration independently (paper or online).

Option 2: NCMA does the registration online for the sponsor at the price the sponsor selects.

c. Send a completed Notification Form to NCMA at Once received, NCMA will place the course in the calendar and setup online registration for the course, if applicable.

3. NCMA will send the contact person a confirmation email, place your course in our online calendar, and send you a link to order course materials (course materials are $25). The material is nonrefundable but it can be reused. Standard shipping is free.

4. Your company determines fee for the class. The expenses include: course materials ($25), exam fee ($130), speaker expenses, meeting room, food, etc.

5. The trainer teaches the class, mails back all the exams to NCMA, and emails a list of all the students that take the SRW Installer Exam.

6. NCMA will take care of grading and notifying all students.

7. NCMA will send a report to the speaker and company contact person about the students’ grades and class evaluations.

8. NCMA will invoice the sponsor/trainer for the number of exams processed or reimburse the sponsor for the fees collected. If the sponsor uses NCMA’s online registration the sponsor will be mailed a refund from NCMA for the amount collected over the NCMA fee.

The courses available to sponsor are as follows:

• SRW Installer Level I Course – requires one full day, including breaks and lunches. Allow approximately 8 hours of instruction time and 1-2 hours for the exam.

• Advanced Residential SRW Installer Course – requires one full day, including breaks and lunches. Allow approximately 6 hours of instruction time and 1-2 hours for the exam

Can I still do the registration myself?


Yes, you can. Select Option 1 when submitting your notification form and please remember to submit a list of the people that took the NCMA exam to

Who can be an instructor?


Courses must be conducted by at least one NCMA SRW Installer Trainer. The sponsor may find authorized trainers here. (select SRW Installer-Trainer in the dropdown menu)

What kind of promotion will I need for the course?


A key success factor is the sponsor’s promotion of the course. This may include adding a link to registration form/site on your company website, including the course information in e-newsletters, sending out email blasts or mailings, promoting through social media, etc.

What kind of expenses are involved?


Your company determines pricing for the class to cover:

NCMA materials and exam: The total cost per person is $155 that includes the $25 for materials/person (nonrefundable) and the exam fee $130/person. This totals $155/student.

Instructor fees: the sponsor is responsible for negotiating pricing and travel expenses with the instructor.

Meeting space and Audio/Visual Equipment: The sponsor will likely need to rent a meeting room, projector and a screen. Appropriate arrangements would need to be made for someone who specifies a need related to ADA requirements.

Food and beverages: Providing food and beverages for participants is left entirely up to the sponsor.

• To offset some of the expenses, the sponsor can decide to add to the class registration ($155/student). If the sponsor uses the NCMA Online Registration option, NCMA will refund the sponsoring member the money collected in excess of the class fee.

What materials are needed?


Student manuals and other materials are ordered by the sponsor (3 weeks before the event) and shipped to the address specified by the sponsor. The sponsor is responsible for onsite distribution of manuals to registered and paid attendees. Unused manuals can be reused in future classes.

The sponsor orders from the NCMA print-on-demand service the SRW Installer Course packets. Each packet contains: an exam, evaluation form, installation experience forms and class literature.

Sponsors should provide the instructors with a variety SRW samples, geogrid and local aggregate.

The day after the conclusion of the course and exam, the sponsoring member/instructor must return all exam booklets, evaluations and completed Scantron exam forms to NCMA at the address below.

NCMA address:

SRW Installer Course
13750 Sunrise Valley Dr.
Herndon, VA 20171

What happens after the course?


NCMA grades the exams and issues Records of Completion and other notifications by mail to all students within 6 weeks of the class, provided the exams and full payment have been received. Once collected and tabulated, NCMA will also send exam and evaluation reports to the sponsor contact and the instructors.

Whom should I contact for questions?


Lee Krinzman, Director of Education – (703) 657-6900. Please send completed notification forms to