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Production Boot Camp
This fast-paced six-hour session lead by industry experts will provide essential information for your entire staff: plant managers, machine operators, operations managers, cost accountants and owners. Invest four hours and learn from industry experts how to use the specific gravities of your existing raw materials to create an accurate mix design that will benefit your organization in terms of costing, yields, material waste and cement optimization.
Other topics covered during the camp:

  • Specific Gravity – what it is and how we use it
  • AVM – definition and hands on training using real life examples
  • Cement – aggregate ration: fact or fiction?
  • Formulas – definition and explanation of all formulas used
  • Continued support – after the class via one-on-one communication with instructor(s)

Sponsored Production Course
The NCMA Laboratory staff can create production-related courses on demand, tailored to fit your company’s needs. The NCMA Laboratory, production facility, and newly-renovated, state-of-the-art, Concrete Products University classroom are all available to host your custom course. For more information about this course, please contact Nick R. Lang at nlang@ncma.org or 571.224.0935.