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AIA/CES- and LA/CES-Approved Webinars (Coming Soon)

The following AIA/CES and LA/CES approved and recorded webinars will be available soon:

  • Architectural Enhancement: Aesthetical Design with Concrete Masonry (AIA &LA)
  • Concrete Masonry Design and Construction Overview (AIA & LA)Crack Control in Concrete Masonry Walls (AIA & LA)
  • Introduction to Direct Design Handbook for Masonry Structures: TMS 403 (v2012) (AIA only)
  • Construction Processes of Segmental Retaining Walls (AIA &LA)
  • Retaining Wall Inspection for Segmental Retaining Walls (AIA &LA)
  • Sustainable Concrete Hardscapes Design: ACB – Protecting Levees, Shorelines, and Wetlands using Articulating Concrete Block (AIA & LA)
  • Sustainable Concrete Masonry Design: LEED 2009 (AIA & LA)
  • Sustainable Concrete Masonry Design: Mold Prevention and Mold Penetration (AIA &LA)
  • Sustainable Hardscape Design: LEED (AIA & LA)
  • Block (CMU) Plant Tour (AIA &LA)