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Government Officials

Government Officials Webinars on Hardscape Applications (DESIGN and INSTALLATION)

(sponsored by NCMA and ICPI)
The Government Officials Webinar on Hardscape Applications is a series of free one-hour webinars for specifiers, architects,and engineers engaged in government and transportation projects. The webinars provide a look to the benefits and issues associated with the use of segmental retaining walls (SRWs), pavers, articulated concrete blocks (ACBs) and other relatedhardscape products. Audience: specifiers, program/project managers, engineers, architects, construction managers, facilities managers, conservationists, researchers, and others associated with government building and transportation projects. For more information about this course, please contact Gabriela Mariscal at gmariscal@ncma.org  or 571.224.0931.

To view prerecorded webinars visit:
Part 1: Segmental Retaining Wall Advancements
Part 3: Road Applications for Interlocking Concrete Pavements

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