Level 2 CMU Course

Crafted for sales professionals with more than three years experience in the industry

The curriculum focus of the Level 2 CMU Course is crafted for sales professionals who have been in the concrete masonry industry for more than three years, but would like to expand their knowledge and sharpen their acumen. The program will focus on building on things that were introduced in the first level, like negotiating skills, targeting customers and marketing strategies — and going even deeper into their specifics, and craft. Experts will make speaking appearances and share vital information regarding the ins and outs of the industry, in addition on how to network better, and more efficiently.

Course Competencies

• Codes, standards and specifications
• Advanced communications and selling skills
• Fire safety
• Crack control
• Continuing Education Facilitator training
• Common mistakes on testing materials
• Thermal performance and code compliance
• Inspection and moisture penetration resistance
• New software demonstration

For more information contact Clare Ramminger.