BIM Masonry Designs in HIVE

01/25/2022 - 01/25/2022

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Join us to discover IMI’s Masonry Content Library in HIVE. Like bees foraging for honey, the AEC community forages a variety of sources for quality content to use in their Revit models. HIVE, a cloud-based content management system, makes it possible to ensure that content is easily accessible and findable for all project participants, even when working remotely. The IMI library is filled with quality masonry content, virtual mockups, and resource links to valuable masonry information that can help you communicate buildable designs to key stakeholders and craftworkers. Come learn how block producers can help get HIVE content into the hands of designers to enable them to create better digital models for concrete masonry.

Note | This webinar was created for industry members and does not carry continuing education credits.