2022 ICON Virtual Plant Tour

Thursday, March 3, 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM


The plant tour provides attendees with the opportunity to see the inner workings of paver and concrete masonry facilities worldwide. Currently there are seven plants on the tour:

Basalite Concrete Products in Dupont, WA,  presented by Quadra


Basalite is one of the largest suppliers of concrete masonry products in Western North America. In 2018, they decided to replace their cubing line at the 4 AAT plant in Dupont, WA. Two of Basalite’s core values, safety and innovation, led to their decision to partner with QUADRA USA to install the first, fully automatic robotic cubing line in the US. It consists of three robots, a de-palleting robot, pattern-making robot and cubing robot.  The new line eliminated any employee having to touch the products while cubing and also reduced the number of employees by 2, crucial in today’s challenging labor market. The new line eliminated hydraulics, running on air and electricity which reduced maintenance costs compared to their previous line.  The robots lift products whenever possible, further reducing maintenance cost by reducing wear and tear from sliding products on plates. QUADRA, driven by innovation and automation, designs customized automated cubing lines for all sizes of block plants and produces a complete range of automated equipment for WetCast, Semi-Dry and DryCast concrete products plants.

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Johnson Concrete Products, Concord, NC, and York Building Products, York, PA, presented by Besser Company


Johnson Concrete’s New Pallet Transport Systems Improves Plant Efficiency. At Johnson Concrete’s Concord, North Carolina plant, Johnson chose the Besser PTS-20 over competitive systems for its robust and all-electric design. A team of Besser engineers  matched the existing rail gauges and elevations to minimize the amount of work required by the Johnson staff for installation.

Both the car and crawler have electric gear motors with frequency drives providing variable speed control with smooth acceleration and deceleration. Wireless control between the car and crawler allows the speeds and ramps for both to be set through the car HMI (screen). All fault diagnostics are also displayed on the HMI. There’s an option for the HMI to be “land-based” so the operator can stand outside of the curing area or perimeter guarding to monitor and control the PTS.

York Building Products LSC-50G Conversion Keeps Pace in Dual Machine Plant. At York Building Products in York, Pennsylvania, a Besser LSC-50G Rack Transporter System was installed to service two V3-12 Vibrapacs which produce the company’s gray block products. This G model of the Besser LSC-50 family denotes a newly designed system that is set up to replace existing Paco Autorack systems. A Besser insulated sliding kiln door, controlled by the LSC-50G, was installed for the kiln which houses 16 bays and uses a vapor generator to facilitate the curing process. A rack wait station was also installed to improve the efficiency of the two-machine operation.

The LSC-50G runs on the plant’s existing kiln rails and uses York’s existing 405 block racks. Both the car and crawler have hydraulic proportional control for variable speed control with smooth acceleration and deceleration. Wireless control between the car and crawler allows the speeds and ramps for both to be set through the car HMI (screen). All fault diagnostics are also displayed on the HMI. There’s an option for the HMI to be “land based” so the operator can stand outside of the curing area or perimeter guarding to monitor and control the LSC.

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RCP Block & Brick, San Diego, CA, presented by Columbia Machine, Inc.


Columbia Machine Inc. is proud to present RCP Block & Brick, San Diego, CA.  RCP has been a valued partner with Columbia for over 50 years and exclusively runs Columbia equipment.  RCP products include block, retaining walls, concrete interlocking pavers, and other hardscape products. RCP is updating their Model 16 line with a modern CPM+30 with automatic mold change and a new Pallet Handling system and Cubing. With the number of mold changes required to meet customer demands, the CPM+30 was the only choice for RCP for a true hands-off fast mold change, increasing their productivity, and maintaining the quality and height control they can achieve Columbia Vibration Technology.

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Reimers Kaufman, Lincoln, NE, presented by Pathfinder Systems


Pathfinder Systems will be highlighting the Reimers Kaufman Concrete Products block plant in Lincoln, Nebraska, during The Precast Show in Kansas City, Missouri, on Thursday, March 2, from 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM.  Reimers Kaufman has been producing concrete block since 1906.  Since its early beginnings, the one-machine plant now produces a variety of block and retaining walls products for eastern Nebraska. Reimers Kaufman boasts a TIGER TG-5 plant with a TIGER cubing line that can cube two different products separately at the same time.

During the plant tour, Pathfinder will show how the TIGER TG-5 offers a two-minute automatic mold change which allows quick product changes and keeps the machine running consistently to produce more block.  In addition, the TIGER cubing line offers flexibility in producing two kinds of cubes.

Pathfinder Systems provides turnkey manufacturing facilities and retrofit solutions for the concrete industry.  Pathfinder offerings include TIGER block and paver manufacturing equipment, curing systems, grinding and polishing machines, and molds and mold parts to fit any machine.  Following Pathfinder’s plant tour presentation, there will be an opportunity to ask questions about the plant as well as other Pathfinder products.

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SW Umwelttechnik, site Alsózsolca, Hungary, presented by Rekers NA, Inc.


SW Umwelttechnik is an Austrian Group with several precast plants in Austria, Hungary and Rumania. For better utilization of infrastructure product market opportunities in Hungary they decided to invest into a completely new block plant at their site in Alsózsolca. They have planned to start with paver, slab and curbstone production with the option for expanding on other type of products for the infrastructure market.

With these high requirements regarding versatility, SW Umwelttechnik decided to install Rekers’ innovative big-board block machine type RS4KV. Of course, the new plant is also equipped with complete state-of-the-art handling equipment, including advanced finger car system with big room curing room equipped with appropriate racks and circulation system. Rekers is pleased to present this new plant on the virtual plant tour in detail. Rekers latest design of high performance cuber as well as advanced finger car system and board buffering system by stack car is shown in full operation. Highlight of the virtual plant tour is the innovative flagship block machine RS4KV with color-blending system and its wide range of capabilities.

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Tobermore Concrete, Tobermore, Northern Ireland, presented by Topwerk America


Tobermore began life as a humble sand and gravel business started by the Henderson family in 1942. They then diversified into concrete products, which were sold to the local community in the 1950s. In the late 1970s they became one of the forerunners in manufacturing block paving – or ‘Pavia’, as it was originally called. Now, more than 75 years later, Tobermore is one of the top paving and walling manufacturers in the
UK and Ireland. They pride themselves on their world-class technology and the unrivalled quality of innovative products.

Join David Henderson as he takes us on a tour of his award-winning manufacturing plant. David will be joined by Oliver Rauter, Managing Director of Hess Group, as David features his fourth Hess manufacturing
plant. The Hess RH2000 MVA production machine and its unique ability to produce large-sized face mix pavers will be discussed. Also, Tobermore’s dedicated SR Schindler “Hall” of value-added surface treatment equipment systems, including grinding, shotblasting, and curling will be highlighted. David will share with us his strategic vision and philosophy that have contributed to his leading success in the paving stone market in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Prize: $500 Visa gift card. 

Refreshments will be served during the plant tour and each company will have a prize drawing after their tour has concluded. NCMA and ICPI producer attendees must be present to win.