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What is the ICON-Xchange?


The 2020 ICON-Xchange is continuing to evolve to reflect the way our tight-knit community does business. Building on the success of the 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2019 events, the B2B Exchange and Marketplace is the right size for our industry and the program welcomes current partners while providing opportunities to expand with new partners through two new features:.

  • The B2B Exchange offers one-on-one time with specific vendors and producers and a more efficient method of connecting with those uniquely relevant to your business.
  • The Marketplace provides suppliers to the manufactured concrete masonry and hardscape industry with an opportunity to connect with producers with an informal tabletop display area.

How many people are expected to attend ICON-Xchange? Who are they?


The event is expected to attract 500-600 producers, distributors, suppliers and industry leaders from the manufactured concrete masonry and hardscape industry. These companies and individuals conduct business across North America and throughout the world.

What is the ICON-Xchange Marketplace?


The ICON-Xchange  Marketplace is a showcase of tabletop displays featuring the products, materials, equipment and services industry producers need, focusing on the manufactured concrete masonry and hardscape community. Marketplace will be open throughout the three-day event. Click here for specific hours.

What is the B2B Exchange?

  • B2B Exchange is a VIP program for Associates (suppliers) to connect with Producers through private, productive meetings. Associates and Producers who participate benefit through direct dialogue and the efficiency and convenience of scheduled appointments, all condensed into a two-day event.
  • The 2020 B2B is an exclusive event since access to the B2B hotel rooms are only accessible to B2B participants.
  • Simply put, B2B Exchange cuts through the randomness of a large tradeshow experience by putting buyers and sellers face-to-face through scheduled appointments in a relaxed hotel suite or room.
  • B2B Exchange will have exclusive hours on Friday, February 21 and Saturday, February 22 ensuring that no other NCMA events are planned at that time.  Breakfasts, receptions and lunches for B2B Exchange participants will be held on Friday and Saturday.

How does the B2B Exchange work?

  • Leading Associates and Producers will receive an exclusive invitation to register for the B2B Exchange.
  • Once participation is confirmed, Associates can request private one-on-one meetings with Producers in advance utilizing an online scheduling system.
  • Confirmed meetings allow Associates and Producers to identify agenda items or business presentation topics in advance.
  • Meetings are 25 minutes long with five minutes between appointments.
  • The hotel suites or rooms will be set up with meeting tables and chairs. Additional services such as A/V, and refreshments may be ordered directly from the hotel and are subject to additional fees charged by the hotel.

What is the timing for participating in the B2B Exchange?


Now – July 31

Producers who would like to participate in the full ICON-Xchange experience – B2B Exchange, Marketplace and NCMA Annual Convention – can save $200 off each of the Team Member Registrations if registered by July 31.

May – October

Producer and Associate members are invited to participate in the B2B Exchange. Producer (Attendees) and Associate (Hosts) commit to participating in B2B meetings.

Early November

Attendees and Hosts submit rankings to select which companies they want to meet with during the B2B Exchange.


NCMA finalizes schedules and meeting assignments for Attendees and Hosts.


NCMA sends B2B participants their meetings schedules for B2B. ICON-Xchange, participants can establish agendas for their individualized meetings and reach out to participants to tailor their meetings to be most productive.

How many people can each Producer and Associate team bring to B2B Exchange?


Hotel suites or rooms are set up with conference-style meeting table or living room-style sofa and chairs to accommodate [7-10 people] depending on the level of commitment.

How can I reserve a B2B Exchange suite?


B2B Hosts can reserve space by contacting Denise Sheehan email or phone at (703) 713-1900 or complete the contract found here.

How can I register for ICON-Xchange?


Click here to see all the registration options.

What are the host/exhibit fees and benefits?


The Marketplace and B2B Exchange Pricing and Benefits are located online. Click  here.

Are there additional Sponsorship opportunities?


Yes, there are many levels of sponsorship participation, click here.

Who can I contact for more information?


Phone: 703-713-1900

FAX: 703-713-1910


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