Featured Speaker — Keni Thomas

Staff Sergeant Keni Thomas will be the featured speaker at the ICON EXPO 2021: Machinery & Equipment Show on Friday, February 12 at 9 AM during the ICON EXPO Kickoff Breakfast. In addition, Keni will join us for an exclusive musical performance on the show floor, Friday, February 12 at 5 PM.

Staff Sergeant Keni Thomas was part of the mission to Mogadishu Somalia to capture criminal warlord Mohammed Farrah Aidid in 1993. Keni and his fellow rangers distinguished themselves in an 18-hour firefight that would later be recounted in the popular book and movie, Black Hawk Down. On stage, Keni shares the remarkable story while highlighting what true leadership is with an overall message of “Train as you fight – Fight as you train and Lead by example.” Following his career in the Army, Keni pursued a music career and works full-time as a country music recording artist.