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The Grant Review Process

The NCMA Foundation awards grants twice a year at the Association’s Annual Convention (February) and Midyear Meeting (September).  Each grant proposal is reviewed by the Program Review Committee and evaluated on its individual merits, overall need to the industry and value to the industry.  Each grant proposal is ranked based on the Program Review Committee’s evaluation and then Submitted to the Board of Trustees.  The Board then approves or denies each grant based on the Review Committee’s recommendations.  Once each grant is approved, an oversight team monitors the progress of the program or activity through completion.  

It is the intent of the Foundation board of trustees that all requests for funding, financial support or grants follow a formal process of review:


1.   For additional information or to submit a funding request:
NCMA Education & Research Foundation
13750 Sunrise Valley Drive
Herndon, VA 20171
877.343.6268 Toll-free
703.713.1910 Fax

2.   All requests are reviewed by the executive administrator to insure that the required information has been provided to include completion of the cover sheet. Additional information may be requested from the petitioner and/or other professionals.

3.   Following the initial review period, all requests are forwarded to members of the Program Review Committee for consideration at its next meeting. Meetings are generally held in the first and third quarter of each year at the NCMA Annual Convention and Midyear Meeting respectively.

4.   The Program Review Committee will review all requests, evaluating the relevance to the foundation’s mission statement and initiatives as established by the membership. Members of the Program Review Committee may request additional information from the requestor and/or other professionals with expertise in the project area.

5.   The Program Review Committee will submit its recommendation for funding to the foundation board of trustees who in turn will make the final determination for project funding.

6.   All funding requestors will receive notice of the final decision by the executive administrator in writing.