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NCMA Government Affairs and Advocacy



The National Concrete Masonry Association strategically labors with and on behalf of its membership to ensure that federal laws and regulations support a productive environment for the use and manufacture of concrete products. That process begins with an active monitoring of issues and trends and identifying opportunities to invest energy and resources to impact appropriate and favorable outcomes.

The NCMA Government Affairs Committee consists of members of the association. This committee coordinates with NCMA professional staff and contracted consultants to recommend issue priorities to the NCMA Board of Directors along with positions and actions in support of those priorities.

On a broad scale, NCMA supports laws and regulations that:

• Recognize the strength and durability that concrete products can provide.

• Support policies and positions of the importance of resilient construction that protects the public from and enables communities to recover more quickly from the natural and manmade disasters.

• Provide a safe and positive environment for its manufacturing and construction workforce.

• Create an opportunity for its members to conduct business without inappropriate regulation.

• Consider the impact of those laws and regulations on small businesses.

With concrete products plants existing in every state in the United States, the concrete masonry industry is in a unique position to conduct grass-roots advocacy in support of its priorities.

 NCMA’s Current Legislative Priorities 

NCMA Political Action Committee

The NCMA PAC was created to provide the concrete masonry industry a means of supporting the candidacy of those elected federal officials that are in a position to support the legislative and regulatory priorities of the industry.

If you would like to receive information regarding the NCMA PAC and consider participation in NCMA PAC events or contribute, please download and complete the NCMA PAC Solicitation Authorization Form.

To provide a convenient and regular means of providing support, the NCMA PAC Club was created. For as little as $25 per month, individuals have the opportunity to improve our industry’s legislative footprint and to gain a deeper insight into objectives and strategies.