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Articulating Concrete Block (ACB)


Articulating concrete block (ACB) systems are used to provide protection to underlying soil materials. The term “articulating” implies the ability of the system to conform to changes in subgrade while remaining interlocked. The interlocking property provided by the special shapes of ACBs also allows for expansion and contraction. They are either hand-placed or installed as pre-assembled mats on top of a filter layer on prepared subgrade, and act as a soil support or “revetment”. ACBs can be used to solve a wide variety of erosion problems:

•       Drainage Channels •       Wildlife Habitat
•       River Fronts •       Bridge Abutments / Piers
•       Coastal Shorelines •       Dikes and Levees
•       Pipeline Protection •       Spillways
•       Boat Ramps •       Retention Basins
•       Lake Shorelines •       Overflow Channels
•       Low Water Crossings •       Dam Overtopping

The systems are easy to install, simple to produce and environmentally friendly.