Boot Camp for Production Personnel

Basic Boot Camp – Concrete Concepts and Fundamentals
Sessions recording are available.

Session 1: Know the Raw Materials

Explanation of the basic materials that go into the production of our products aggregates, cement, pozzolans, pigment and admixtures

Session 2: Understanding the Process

Training on how the concrete process takes place from mixing through packaging.

Session 3: How I Can Affect the Product

Understanding my role and how it effects the final product


Advanced Boot Camp – Quality Control and Management Skills
Session recordings are available.  

Session 1: How to Manage Quality

Training on QA/QC and how to set up a program that works for you

Session 2: How to Manage People

Understanding how to manage people that report to you.

Session 3: How to Manage a Business

Budgeting and administrative concepts that really work

Boot Camp roundtables throughout the year will be led by industry leaders. Topics will be based on current industry issues and will be set by the participants. Subjects will include a variety of issues and are fluid based on what is relevant to the needs of the participants.

Basic & Advanced Boot Camp fees are $250/per student per class for producer and associate participants. If a participant signs up for both classes, it is $400/per student. However, Producer Companies can purchase a Company All Access Pass for unlimited employee participation.  Register here.