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MaSS Conference Topics and Speakers

The MaSS Conference is jam-packed with exciting speakers and topics to help influence decision makers and ultimately sell more block! Below are details on the topics, sessions, and breakouts included in the conference.

DAY 1 – Featured Speaker – Mark Mitchell, Whizard Strategy

Mark Mitchell is the author of Building Materials Channel Marketing and the lead strategist behind Whizard Strategy. He has been helping the building materials industry solve tough sales and marketing problems for over 30 years. Mark will kick-off the conference at the NCMA Business Lunch, and continue discussion on how to grow business and create a competitive advantage for concrete masonry the first afternoon of the conference. He will give attendees actionable, relevant strategies focused on the concrete masonry industry, as well as identify opportunities for sales growth you are missing. DON’T miss this amazing opportunity!

 DAY 2 - Session and Breakout Topics

MORNING -Competing Systems – Wood Construction

The competitive landscape for building materials includes many competitors. In order to be able to influence decision makers and change minds, you need to understand the competition and their attributes. This education session will cover the different types of wood construction, the markets where concrete masonry and wood compete, and the how to address claims made by wood construction proponents. Come here to learn how to compete smarter against wood!


Making a Difference with Local Ordinances

Around the country, groups are positively influencing their market through local ordinances. These can take various forms, but involve getting community leaders to recognize the benefits of masonry construction and to ensure use of masonry products through ordinances. Attend to hear about experiences and best practices, as well as share your experiences working with your communities.

Creating a Team with Regional Coalitions

Across the country, differences are being made with regional coalitions selling the benefits of concrete masonry. These coalitions can take many forms, and typically include producers, contractors, designers, and more working together to promote masonry as a system. This session will include lessons learned from those who are part of these types of coalitions, and give attendees the opportunity to discuss ways to develop coalitions where none exist.

Digital Tools and Building Information Modeling

The use of digital tools for building design and construction continues to grow. From software that performs structural to full Building Information Models, the masonry industry must continue to evolve to meet the needs of designers. This session will discuss the growing market of BIM technologies and tools, and provide valuable information on masonry-specific programs to aid designers in using masonry in digital environments.


Competing Systems – Steel

This session continues the discussion of systems that compete with masonry, focusing on steel construction. Both heavy steel frame and light gauge steel stud construction will be discussed, including methods and strategies for promoting the benefits of masonry over these systems.

Competing Systems - Insulating Concrete Forms

Wrapping up the discussions on competing systems is a breakout on insulating concrete forms (ICF). In many markets ICF competes directly with masonry. Attendees will learn the details of ICF systems, and most importantly how to respond to marketing claims about these products.

Who’s More Expensive? Addressing First Cost

While initial cost of construction is not the only consideration for decision-makers, most times it is the primary driver. And many times masonry construction is seen as more expensive than competitors. Recent studies, however, have shown that concrete masonry systems are very cost-competitive, and come with the added advantage of providing better resiliency, safety, and lower insurance costs. Don’t miss this session to learn the truth about initial cost!