Producer Membership

Open to companies located within the United States and Canada who are engaged in the manufacturing of concrete products like concrete masonry units, segmental retaining wall units, articulated concrete block, and other related products — producer membership comes with a cavalcade of opportunities to become a voice in the industry, while gaining an advocate and champion. Membership also provides the support and power of fellow companies that make up the association, not to mention access to business solutions, networking functions, events, product testing and a fully-staffed laboratory, education, technical information and resources and so much more.

NCMA works every single day of the year to improve the livelihood and the prosperity of our members and their businesses. Whether it’s protecting our industry through advocacy by influencing legislation for codes and standards, promoting our products with advertising, messaging on various media channels and other advancing tech, or simply proving our value in the vast world economy, the association is persistent in fostering advancements for businesses big and small within its family.

And they’re there  just a phone call or email away. Stuck on something technical and need a solution from an experienced engineer? There’s a hotline that NCMA provides to do just that. Want to test an aspect of your product, and strengthen its standing in the marketplace? The association can develop a program to do that as well. The possibilities to augment any aspect of your business are truly boundless.


Let’s further the industry together.

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