Michael Higgins

Michael Higgins is the manager of design and delivery at Financial Literacy in Business. Over the past 23 years, he has, in collaboration with his team, a suite of training products specifically designed for non-financial managers and supervisors: Financial Success Training (for small customized company groups), Financial Success Training for Small Business, Selling at the C-Level (financial sales training for sale professionals) and Financial Success Training for Brokers (for commercial insurance brokers and underwriters).

In Michael’s latest collaboration with Financial Literacy in Business, LLC, he has created a new suite of three products, building on the strong foundation of other successful programs. These three, new collaborations still focus on non-financial managers, supervisors and employees as the key to rapid, internal, continuous improvement in cash flow, profit, high-margin revenue and precise Key Performance Indicators.

His new collaborations include:
1. Every Manager Needs Financial Literacy (to give every manager enough financial literacy and decision making skills to help their teams and their companies financially survive and thrive)
2. How We Make Money (to give every non-financial manager, supervisor and employee the confidence to unlock the profit caught up in their company’s Income Statement)
3. Financial Culture Change – For Blended Management Teams (to give select managers the opportunity transform their mindset and behaviors around making financial impact decisions. The results of this program are profound.

With 37 years in the field of learning and development, Michael is an expert in the deployment of “behavior change” training methods and processes for individuals, groups and leaders in business. His team’s financial training programs are designed to turn non-financial managers and staff into effective, confident financial decision makers who help their companies find financial success and safety in any economy.

Michael and his team have also successfully developed a wide range of training projects, including the subjects of finance, leadership, communication and customer service.