Government Affairs

NCMA’s proactive government affairs work starts with the nonstop, active monitoring of issues and trends then transitions into identifying which opportunities to invest energy and resources into that most favorably impact its members’ interests. Through its own NCMA Government Affairs Committee that consists of individual members of the association, they coordinate with NCMA staff and contracted consultants to recommend issue priorities to address.

Current Legislative Priorities

Resilient Construction

Resilient structures and communities benefit everyone. NCMA is active in pursuing legislation and policy initiatives that provide incentives for building more resilient structures.

Checkoff Program

Congress has authorized the concrete masonry industry to develop a checkoff program, a coordinated industry-wide program of research, promotion and education. The industry is working with the Department of Commerce to make this program a reality.

School Construction

NCMA supports federal investment in public school construction and maintenance, likely through a bipartisan infrastructure package.


NCMA intends to submit recommendations for research or other programs for funding consideration of earmarks in the event such program funding becomes available.

Infrastructure Investment

A long-term authorization bill, increased infrastructure spending and restoration of defensible earmarks are supported by NCMA.

Wood Construction Initiatives

NCMA opposes inappropriate federal support for wood construction and, if enacted, will counter with strong concrete and masonry industry presence on the Hill

Regulatory and Permitting Reform

NCMA actively engages and supports efforts from industry partners to reduce burdens associated with unnecessary business federal regulations and construction permitting.

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