MSV Installer Certificate

Get your installers certified.

Help your local MSV installers grow their business, and make sure MSV projects are done right. Educate installers in your area through CMHA education and certificate program. Become a resource and increase your exposure by sponsoring our MSV Installer education and certificate program.

This course teaches MSV installers installation guidelines, material and system component properties, surface preparation, proper installation, and specific detailing. This course is as a two-day, in person course locally sponsored by CMHA members.

Sponsoring and hosting a course is easy. CMHA staff is available to help with any aspect of course sponsorship.

How to Sponsor

Who can sponsor a course?


This program can be sponsored by:

  1. CMHA Member Companies
  2. Allied national, regional, state, or provincial partner organizations
  3. MSV distributors – requires endorsement from MSV producer company

What do I need to sponsor a course?

  1. The course must be delivered and overseen by a CMHA Authorized Instructor.
  2. The course is two days – one day of classroom instruction and one day of hands-on performance evaluation. You must have sufficient facilities for both.
  3. You must provide all hands-on mockups for attendees to use (contact CMHA staff for details)
  4. You must provide necessary materials – stones, mortar, etc.
  5. Attendees can be required to bring their own tools.

Who can be an instructor?


Requirements for MSV Instructors:

  • The individual must be employed by a CMHA member company or be engaged with a partner national, regional, state, or provincial organization.
  • Individuals employed by a company that is engaged in installing MSV can become authorized if they are endorsed by a CMHA member company that will utilize them for facilitating this program.
  • Individuals employed by a company that is not a CMHA member, but is eligible for CMHA producer or associate membership, are not eligible to be authorized.
  • To become a MSV Instructor, an individual must:
    • Complete the CMHA MSV Installer Education Course
    • Pass the written examination
    • Attend the MSV Instructor Training Program, which covers:
      • Requirements of the performance component of the exam
      • Practices and procedures for administering the program

What mockups are needed?


Examination panels:

  • Each examinee will be provided with the necessary panels to perform the necessary performance examination tasks. Required panels include:
    • Panel(s) for penetration installation with housewrap WRB (both flanged and non-flanged)
    • Panel(s) for penetration installation with building paper WRB (non-flanged)
    • Panel(s) for stone installation
    • Inspection panel

What happens after the course?


CMHA grades the exams and issues Records of Completion and other notifications by mail to all students within 6 weeks of the class, provided the exams and full payment have been received. Once collected and tabulated, CMHA will also send exam and evaluation reports to the sponsor contact and the instructors.

Whom should I contact for questions?


Lee Krinzman, Director of Education – (703) 657-6900. Please send completed notification forms to