MSV Product Certification

Manufactured stone veneer products are used in a wide variety of applications to enhance aesthetics and provide a durable veneer to nearly any building. NCMA and its members are committed to ensuring quality of manufactured stone veneer (MSV) installations. The NCMA Manufactured Stone Product Certification Program has been developed to provide MSV manufacturers a program to demonstrate compliance with product standards and commitment to quality, and for specifiers to ensure product conformance to both consensus standards and industry guidelines.

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Program Details

What does this program cover?


This program provides certification for ‘manufactured stone veneer products’. As defined in the program:

  • Manufactured Stone Veneer Product – lightweight, architectural, non load-bearing unit that is manufactured by wet-cast blending of cementitious materials and aggregates, with or without pigments, admixtures, or other materials to simulate the appearance of natural stone and other masonry materials.

Certification is awarded to a manufacturer based on information submitted to NCMA for a ‘product line’ of their MSV products. As defined in the program:

  • Product Line – a combination of individual units that are designated by the producer that constitutes the look and style for that system. All units in a given product line shall be manufactured with the same concrete mix design, production methods, and curing methods.

What is needed to get certified?


The MSV manufacturer will need to provide the following for a product line to be considered for certification:

  • Test results that materials comply with ASTM C1670/C1670M, Standard Specification for Adhered Manufactured Stone Masonry Veneer Units. Test results must come from an independent third-party laboratory.
  • A production plant quality control program document demonstrating compliance with the requirements set out in the program requirements.
    • Please note that NCMA provides an online education course that will satisfy the requirements of this program. You can access that course here.
    • Other education programs with equivalent content are acceptable. Contact NCMA to have another education course evaluated.
  • Documentation that at least one person employed by the production location has completed general education on MSV units and systems.
  • Application form (link to the right on this page).

How long is certification valid?


Certification is good for one year from the date that samples for physical testing were obtained.

Who can be certified?


Any company engaged in manufacturing MSV units can apply to have their product lines certified. Participation in the program is voluntary. A manufacturer can have any number of product lines certified, as long as the requirements of the program are met for each product line.

The program is open to both members and non-members of NCMA. Please note that different fees may apply. Details on program costs are contained in the program requirements (link on right).

More information


All details of the program are contained in the official “Program Version 1.0” available using the link on the right.

Please contact Nick Lang with additional questions.

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