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Lintel Design Manual – Concrete Masonry and Precast Concrete Lintels

Openings in concrete masonry walls are typically spanned by horizontal structural members known as lintels. Depending upon regional nomenclature, the terms lintel and beam are often interchanged. Regardless of the terminology used, the design approach and philosophy are identical for both elements. The purpose of these members is to support the weight of the wall above the opening, as well as any additional imposed loads.

The focus of this manual — broken into five sections — is on reinforced concrete masonry lintels and precast reinforced concrete lintels.

First, a discussion on the materials commonly used for lintel construction is presented. Then, a detailed discussion on design loads presents lintel loading conditions and discusses arching action of masonry walls. The aspects and parameters of lintel design are presented followed by design examples. Finally, lintel design tables are presented.