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Segmental Retaining Walls: Residential Applications

Segmental retaining walls (SRWs) can be used in any number of applications. Residential projects can range from a structural application, which may include extending a patio, or creating space for a pool, to a non-structural application, such as planters, fire pits, or seating areas throughout a yard. These downloadable SRW Resources are intended to help understand the terms and components of SRWs for residential applications and how to select SRW Contractors.

The Segmental Retaining Walls – Residential Applications: A Guide for Residential Segmental Retaining Wall Systems is a 12-page booklet that provides brief information on SRW systems used in non-structural applications, engineering requirements (if applicable), minimum material requirements, and installation. (if you want to print the document please download the printable version).

The Selecting the Correct Installer for Segmental Retaining Walls: A Guide for Segmental Retaining Wall Residential Projects is a one-page brochure to help interviewing SRW Contractors for potential projects.