Direct Design Software for Masonry Structures

Direct Design Software is something completely different. It enables design of an entire masonry structure in minutes, with just a few simple inputs. Simply enter a few input criteria, specify the plan layout and opening locations, and the software does the rest.


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The latest version of the Direct Design Software enables you to import building models from Autodesk Revit and export structural schedules back. Save time and money by not having to duplicate models. The Revit plugin has recently been updated to be compatible with Revit 2021. Learn more and download the Revit plugin here.


This latest software from NCMA based on the The Masonry Society’s (TMS) Direct Design Handbook (TMS 403) has revolutionized a masonry project workflow when it comes to saving precious time and ultimately going above and beyond one’s client’s expectations.

It also allows one to easily communicate the design to your draftsman or contractor with fully-detailed wall elevation drawings that are not only up to the latest consensus standards and building codes, but provide a direct, simplified procedure for the structural design of concrete masonry structures for reinforced masonry.

The software fully unlocks the power of the Direct Design approach because it’s fully automated, as is the detailing of every block and reinforcing bar.

Additionally, it helps to mitigate confusion through transparency by displaying the full text of every calculation and decision made by the program. The user can verify every step as necessary to ensure full peace of mind.