EleMasonry Design Software

NCMA’s soon to be released EleMasonry Design Software is an innovative masonry design software package that quickly and easily designs a variety of masonry building elements.

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EleMasonry—the new design software that enables designers to work quickly and more efficiently.

The software quickly and easily designs walls, columns, beams and pilasters. Code-compliant designs are provided through a fully transparent design process and output, allowing the user to review and check all design calculations.

The software designs using all current codes and standards, including the 2018 International Building Code and the 2016 TMS 402, Building Code Requirements for Masonry Structures. Both Strength Design and Allowable Stress Design methodologies are supported.

Also included is a a unique solver that accommodates accurate and flexible handling
for various wall configurations such as bars both centered and at faces, bars spaced further than the flexural compression limit (6t), and concentrated bars at wall ends.

This innovative approach yields better design efficiency and handles a wider variety
of wall configurations when compared to conventional design methods.