Hardscape Career Path

NCMA and ICPI teamed up to provide a career path for someone who wants to get into the hardscape industry, whether as a installer or a contractor. Follow it and one can go from being a beginner to a certified professional in four easy steps. Expertise can be concentrated in either concrete pavers (through ICPI) or segmental retaining walls (through NCMA).

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Pass NCMA SRW Installer Course

Achieve 2,500 square feet SRW installation experience on five projects
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Pass NCMA Advanced Residential and/or Commercial SRW courses

Achieve 5,000 square feet total SRW installation experience in at least 10 projects in specialty area
Get Specialized


Pass Residential and/or Commercial business courses (available in October 2019)


Find both online and in-person education opportunities to learn more about Segmental Retaining Walls.
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Set yourself and your business apart by satisfying eligibility standards through the association’s proprietary certification paths, and allow the prestige of the NCMA “certified” seal to positively affect your business’s bottom line.
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