N95 masks – Support your local community

URGENT - Help your local healthcare providers by donating N95 masks

As you have already heard, there are severe shortages of needed medical supplies to help combat the COVID-19 pandemic. One way in which NCMA members can help is to donate N-95 masks to your local hospital or health care provider.

NCMA is urging all members to take a moment and look at your inventory of these masks. If you can spare extras that you have, please take them to your local hospital immediately. Keep in mind that while there are many efforts to increase production of these masks, it will take time for those production increases to reach the front lines. Your donations can help to combat the pandemic in your local community.

NCMA is working to track donations from our members, so please let Nick Lang at NCMA know of donations that you and your company have made.

Find more information on the COVID-19 pandemic and resources for NCMA members here.

Published March 23, 2020
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