2019 SRW Sales Survey released, 1.1% increase reported

Compared to sales in 2017, the overall sales of segmental retaining wall (SRW) units increased 1.3% in the US and decreased by 0.5% in Canada between 2017 and 2018, according to a study released by the National Concrete Masonry Association (NCMA).

The 2019 NCMA SRW Sales Survey is the fourth year of this industry survey. In total, 43 individual companies provided data for the survey, from both SRW producers and SRW licensors. The producers that responded represent 195 plant locations across the United States and Canada in 2018. Data was submitted in four different categories of SRW products: ‘DOT quality products’, ‘8 in. height SRW units’, ‘6 in. height SRW units’, ‘Boundary wall units’ (such as those used for fences or other vertical applications not retaining soil) and ‘other’ (which includes all other SRW products smaller than 6 in. high).

The category with the largest growth in 2018 was ‘SRW units with an 8-inch height’, which experienced a 4.0% increase in sales from 2017. Increases in sales in 2017 were also seen for ‘6 in. height SRW units’ and ‘DOT quality products’.

“This survey continues to be a very valuable tool to understand industry dynamics and impact of efforts to grow SRW markets,” said Wayne Villaluna, Basalite Concrete Products NCMA SRW & Hardscape Products Market Segment Committee Chair. “The survey results continue to show increased growth overall, especially with 8 inch SRW units. The increase seen in sales benefits all the industry and demonstrates continued demand for SRW systems and products.”

From the available data it is estimated that the total sales of SRWs in the US and Canada was 232.4 million sq ft of wall face.

The complete survey is available for purchase for $1,500 to individuals who are not members of NCMA. NCMA members pay only $100. Click here to buy it online, or contact NCMA for more information on other purchase options.

Published March 17, 2020
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